Access Control

Access Control

Control Who Has Access To Your Property

Access control systems are systems that can control, monitor and restrict the movement of people within your property.

Access Control Systems


select security systems paxton paxlockAn Access Control System can be as simple as a physical door lock.

The term access control more commonly refers to electronic security systems which control multiple doors or entry points throughout a building.

Its purpose is to allow authorised users access whilst restricting access to others, and protecting against unwanted visitors.

In simple terms, access control systems control entry (or exit) through nominated doors via a control panel and some form of electric locking facility.

These systems can be simple or complex, but the solution should always provide authorised persons easy passage around the building.

Access control systems can also act a valuable management tool by incorporate additional features such as time and attendance functions, integration with payroll systems, car park management and even vending machines.



Points to consider, when planning an access control system:

•  How many and where are the entry/exit points

•  The desired level of security

•  The movement of staff around the building

•  A method of operation

•  Future growth of the building

•  The turnover of employees

•  Access for the disabled

•  Interface with other systems – eg. fire alarm, intruder alarm, CCTV


Gemini Security Solutions work with a small number of manufacturers who we have used for a number of years for their commitment and professionalism.

Whether it is a simple 1 door system with Pin Code Entry, or a multi-site system with 1000 doors & 10000 users we can design & install a system to meet your requirements.

Which technology do you wish to use?


Access Control Technology – Overview

There are various ways for a permitted user to operate an access control system, as follows:

select security systems Impro reader 

PIN Code Entry

A basic mechanical or electronic keypad system requires the user to key in a PIN to activate the lock release mechanism via a control unit inside the entrance. 

Our System Partners - Impro Technologies & Paxton Access.


select security systems paxton magstripe reader


Magstripe Readers 

The user has an encoded keycard a bit like a credit card, sometimes worn on a chain around the neck; each entry point will have an associated card reader and by swiping the card, the user gains entry.

Our System Partners - Paxton Access.




Proximity Readersselect security systems paxton proximity

The user carries a card or a tag but instead swiping it, they simply present the card or tag up to a reader, which typically will read the card from a distance of about 100mm; this non-contact makes for a faster method of entry.

Our System Partners - Impro Technologies & Paxton Access.


Smartcard Readers

Smartcards are access cards or tags which also carries additional information which can be used for accessing other building services, such as vending machines.

Our System Partners - Impro Technologies.


Long-Range Readers

Using active cards, long range proximity readers can automatically unlock or open a door when the reader detects the card – particularly beneficial in respect of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) as no action is required by the card bearer.

Our System Partner – Paxton Access


gemini security solutions virdi biometrics 

Biometric Readers

Biometric readers significantly increase the level of security by using unique human characteristics – finger prints, facial recognition or the retina. Unlike cards or tags, these cannot be lost or stolen.

Our System Partners – Virdi & Impro Technologies




Visitors Access?

In a building with access control, there are three common ways for visitors to announce their presence:gemini security solutions impro IXP20

• A simple door bell system will alert your staff to the fact that someone is waiting outside

• An audio intercom panel will allow a two way conversation between the visitor and a member of your staff and, if appropriate, the door can be remotely released

• A video audio intercom panel will allow your staff to see who is there, as well as speaking to them, before remotely opening the door.

Visitors can then be issued with a card or PIN number which will allow them access to permitted areas.

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System Maintenance

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